Commercial agreements and compensation

Terms andconditions

Framework and cooperation agreements

Tort compaensation and tortdemands

Danish and EU competition law

Anticompetitive agreements

Merger control

Abuse of a dominant position


Employment contracts

Termination of employment contracts

Collective agreements

Labor Law cases

Trade union


Oli and gas

Renewables (wind, geothermal etc.) 


Entertaiment and sports

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Sports contracts

Sponsorships agreements

Family, children and divorce

Prenuptial and postnuptial

Divorce and division of property

Child custody, contact and residence

Insurance law

Personal, accident and occupational compensation

Ownership change, constructions damage, construction and house insurance

Commercial insurance in general - others

It and software

Software an licence agreements

Development and system management agreements

Protection of digital copyright

Litigation and dispute resolution

Litigation and arbitration

Injunctions cases and preliminary injunction


Other practice areas

Representation at board of Directors' level

Criminal law

Courses for companies

Secretariat services and loppyism

Personal data, protection and marketing regulation

Personal data protection and the responsibility of data

Online marketing

Marketing and commercial secrets

Public law

Environment and waste


Public administration and authorities

Public tenders and public procurement

Submission of tenders

Public tenders


Sales and distribution

Agency agreements

Distribution agreements

Franchise agreements

Taxes and feeds

Danish and international taxation

Litigation in tax disputes

Binding advance rulings

Wills and inheritance


Administration of estates of deceased persons