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Asaf M. Fazal

Asaf M. Fazal has a specialised team of highly skilled associates who work litigation in principal cases and provide advice on a widerange of matters within commercial law in both domestic and internationalcases.


Asaf is an experienced litigator and has over the past 20 years gained substantial procedural experience in commercial litigation before the Supreme Court, the High Court, the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, district courts throughout Denmark and the Arbitration Board forConstruction. In addition, Asaf has conducted several injunction and arrest proceedings in significant cases. Asaf has successfully presented a number ofcomplaints of principle character before the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Asaf is also a negotiation specialist with specialised training from the master's programme by Professor Vibeke Vindeløv at the University of Copenhagen in the subjects ofnegotiation, conflict management and conflict understanding. Asaf always tries to present his clients with advice that provides multiple ways to resolve conflicts, which can include mediation, through thorough preparation and promptadvice, so an opportunity for alternative conflict resolution is not wasted. Asaf has also successfully applied his negotiation skills to resolve complexcases between administrative authorities and clients.


In commercial law, Asaf has a broad experience with a particular niche in the listing of growing companies on stock exchanges, where Asaf provides complete advice covering both the legal and commercial aspects. In addition, Asaf advises on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capitalmarkets, corporate law (including board work), start-ups (in particularsportstech and legaltech), real estate, commercial leases, employment law, IT contracts, personal data protection / privacy law, including GDPR, andintellectual property (all matters relating to the creation, exploitation andenforcement of IP rights). Asaf also advises his clients on strategic andfinancial matters due to his educational background. Asaf has an extensive business network both nationally and internationally, from which his clientsalso benefit.


Asaf has considerable experience in resolving publiclaw issues, including the Administrative Law Act, the Public Access Act, theData Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act. Advice is given onlegal issues pertaining to the interpretation of administrative legislation incases, where authorities have a wide range of discretion and there are requirementsof objectivity and proportionality, which are reflected in the decisions by therelevant authorities and courts.


As a former elite sportsman in football with approximately 300 Danish Superliga and divisional matches, Asaf advises on legal matters in relation to Sports Law and has a particularly in-depthknowledge of an increasingly dynamic and vibrant sports sector. Asaf advises professional and non-professional sportsmen and women, sports clubs and sportsagents with legal assistance both nationally and internationally in connectionwith employment, sponsorship agreements, the purchase and sale of sports clubsand advice in the field of association law and fund law. Additionally, Asaf provides advice on the establishment of associations in Denmark and thecreation of funds for both Danish and international purposes.



Asaf always actively safeguards his clients' rightsand advises them in all matters. Asaf represents clients by observing client confidentiality, while always maintaining a core belief system built onindependence and integrity. In carrying out his duties for his clients, Asaf emphasises the importance of showing respect to persons and authorities, with whom he hascontact on behalf of his clients.


In addition to his legal training, Asaf has a right of audience in both the Supreme Court and the High Court. Asaf has supplemented his legal education with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economicsand Business Administration and has completed a master’s degree in Business Law, Accounting and Management and Information Systems. In addition, Asaf holds amaster's degree from University of Copenhagen under Professor Vibeke Vindeløvin the subjects of negotiation, conflict resolution and conflict understanding.




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Master in mediation, University of Copenhagen, 2010

Master in negotiation and dispute resolution, University of Copenhagen, 2009

Entitled of plead before the Danish High Court, 2008

Attorney, 2006

MSc in Business Economics and Auditing, management information systems, CBS, 2006

Assistant Attorney, 2003

Master of Laws, University of Copenhagen, 2003

MSc in Business Economics and Auditing, commercial law and estate accounting

BA in economics (HA), CBS, 1993


CVR : 34215561

Organiseret som anpartsselskab

Forsikring :  HDI Danmark, police nr. 156-08654435-14012

Dækningssum : 50 mio. DKK


Attorney, Partner, AUmento Law Firm 2012-

Attorney, Mortang Law Firm, 2006-2012

Assistant Attorney, Mortang Law Firm, 2003-2006


The Scandinavian languages








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Member of the Danish Bar and Law Society

Member of TAGlaw - International Law Cooperation


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