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Esben Bigaard

Esben Bigaard primarily practices the areas of commercial law and inheritance law. Within commercial law, the mainly focus of Esben is advice targeted at small and medium-sized companies, in relation to corporate legal relations, mergers and acquisitions and board related services. The main emphasis of clients within this area are in general, Danish foreign owned or foreign companies, of which the majority are German speaking.

With regard to inheritance law, Esben especially focuses on administration of estates and legal receivership due to his position as assistant to the Probate Court within the Copenhagen District court (Københavns Byrets skifteret). However additionally, Esben also provides advice in other areas of inheritance and probate law, e.g. preparation of a will, testament, prenuptial agreements, etc.

Furthermore, Esben contributed to the publication “Dänisches Recht” and through Deutsche Anwalts Akademie Esben has taught and trained German lawyers in Danish law. To this day, Esben is still a member of DNJV and until 2013, for a 15 year period, he has been the only Danish member of the board.

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Master of Laws, Copenhagen University 1974

Attorney 1977


CVR : 41832142

Organized as a sole proprietorship

Insurance : HDI Denmark, policy no. 156-08654435-14012

Dækningssum : 50 mill. DKK


Attorney, Partner, Aumento Advokatfirma 2013-

Attorney, Partner, Magnusson Advokatfirma 2005-2013

Attorney, Partner, Lett & Co Advokatfirma 1991-2005

CEO, Continental Investment Company A/S 1995-1998

Attorney, Partner, Advokatfirmaet Esben Bigaard 1988-1991

Attorney, Partner (1980), Advokatfirmaet Ditlevsen & Lund 1974-1988




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Member of Danske Bestyrelsesadvokater (Danish Board Attorneys)

Member of Danske Arveretsadvokater (Danish inheritance Attorneys)

Member of Consulegis EWIV

Honorary member of Deutsch-Nordische Juristenvereinigung e.V. (DNJV)

Member of the Danish Bar and Law Society/appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice

Member of the board, (chairman), Mammen & Drescher A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), Helsingør Godsregistreringssted A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), ICOM Networks A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), ICOM Holding A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), ICOM International ApS

Member of the board, (chairman), ICOM Tele A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), L-R Software A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), L-R Partners A/S

Member of the board, (chairman), Toubro Fonden

Member of the board, (chairman), Vita og Kaj Schou-Hansens Fond

Member of the board, AL-KO Ginge A/S

Member of the board, Bernhard Eisenreich Sandersens Mindefond

Assistant to the Probate Court within the Copenhagen District court (Københavns Byrets skifteret) 1985-


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Esben Bigaard

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