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Jens Bang Liebst

Jens Bang Liebst primarily advises small and medium-sized business companies on matters of commercial and company law.

He is especially experienced in reconstruction of companies or personal companies, acquisitions and sales, ownership transfers, reconstructions and establishment and starting up a business, including the choice of corporate form, incorporation, shareholder agreements, directors' contracts etc.

In previous positions and his present practice Jens Bang Liebst has negotiated and drawn up large numbers of agreements and contracts of almost every type and degree of complexity. Besides this, he has experience of compensation cases resulting from breach of contract, including assessment of the compensation sum between companies, and settlement negotiations.

Furthermore, Jens Bang Liebst deals with commercial leasing matters, farming tenancies and buying and selling real estate.

His aim is always to give advice that is straightforward, goal-oriented and immediately practicable for his clients. As far as possible, consulting a lawyer should have a positive effect on the client's wallet!

Jens Bang Liebst is a member of the boards of several companies and associations, where his juridical skills are combined to meet strategic and transactional challenges.

During the last five years, Jens Bang Liebst has taught in training modules and courses for more than 500 employees in Danish companies, on subjects in commercial law, such as sales and delivery terms, negotiation of contracts and product liability.

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Attorney, 2006

Assistant Attorney, 2003

Master of Laws, University of Copenhagen 2003


CVR : 39197545

Organized as a limited liability company  

Insurance : HDI Denmark, policy no. 156-08654435-14012

Amount of Coverage : 50 mill. DKK


Attorney at Plesner Law Firm, 2003-2008

Attorney at IBM Danmark (posted abroad), 2006-2007


The Scandinavian languages





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Member of the board (chairman), Neptun Transport A/S

Member og the board, Core & Company P/S

Member og the board, Blueprint Learning ApS

Member of the bard (chairman), Solrød Strands Grundejerforening

Secretary General, Nordic Assistance Association

Member of FICOFOMA

Member of Dansk Forening for Selskabsret (Danish company law association)

Member of the Danish Bar and Law Society

Member of TAGlaw - International Law Cooperation


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Jens Bang Liebst

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