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Nikolaj Kjær

Nikolaj Kjær has worked with business consultancy services for medium-sized enterprises, and Nikolaj Kjær has served on several corporate boards.

Furthermore, Nikolaj Kjær handles a variety of civil litigation and Nikolaj Kjær acquired right to appear before the High Courts in 2013 and right to appear before the Supreme Court in 2018. Nikolaj Kjær has accumulated a vast process experience which enables him to carry out the client's interests in an effective and reassuring way.

In addition, Nikolaj Kjær specialized in the leasehold - both commercial and residential – in addition Nikolaj Kjær has assisted with proprietary due diligence tasks associated with a number of major real estate transactions.

Finally, the Nikolaj Kjær offers consulting for the majority of civil law, including family and inheritance law, for example spouse changes, preparation of marriage contracts and wills and administration of estates and Nikolaj Kjær is a member of the Association of Danish Inheritance Lawyers.

Nikolaj Kjær offers a personalized and productive advice with a focus on the client's needs.

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Attorney, 2011

Cand.jur., University of Copenhagen, 2008

BA in law, 2004


CVR : 39197545

Organized as a limited liability company

Insurance :  HDI Denmark, policy no. 156-08654435-14012

Amount of Coverage : 50 mill. DKK


Attorney at Lønberg & Leth Christensen, 2011-2016

Attorney-at-law, Arnfred Advokater, 2011

Assistant Attorney, Arnfred Advokater, 2008-2011







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Association of Danish Inheritance Lawyers

The Danish Bar and Law Society


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Nikolaj Kjær

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