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Pia L. Nielsen

Pia L. Nielsen is specialized in environmental law - with special expertise in the legislation on wastewater management, wastewater financing, climate change adaptation, water supply, electricity and district heating, expropriation, chemicals, soil pollution, waste management, environmental liability and environmental permits for industry. In addition, Pia L. Nielsen has specialized in matters relating to planning, management and protection of nature and environment in her many years as a private practitioner and as lawyer in the Danish EPA.

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Attorney, 2008

Assistant attorney, 2006-2008

Master of Law, University of Copenhagen, 1992


CVR : 39151618

Organized as a sole proprietorship

Insurance HDI Denmark, policy no. 156-08654435-14012

Amount of Coverage : 50 mill. DKK


Attorney and partner at Aumento Lawfirm, 2018

Attorney and partner at WSCO Lawfirm, 2017-2018

Attorney at Molt Wengel Lawfirm, 2011-2017

Assistant attorney and attorney at Lett Lawfirm, 2006-2011

Lawyer and senior Advisor, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, 1997-2006

Lawyer, Ministry of Social affairs, 1992-1997


Scandinavian languages






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Member of the Danish Bar Association

Member of Spildevandsteknisk Forening

The Association “Water in Urban Areas”

Klikovand – The cooperation between municipalities, utility services and the Capital Region of Denmark to combat climate change

Member of the Seeril Council, 2014-2018

Chair of the Water Committee and member of the Seeril Council, IBA, 2011-2013

Vicechair of the Water committee, IBA, 2009-2011

Member of the Board at DJØF, Overenskomstforeningen, 1995-2002

Advisor at Copenhagen Legal Aid, 1980-2015


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Pia L. Nielsen

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